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Contemplative Psychotherapy
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Mindfulness Based Cognitive Behavoral Therapy

MAITRI is the Sanskrit word for “loving kindness” or “unconditional friendliness.” This is an attitude of compassion towards one’s experience. Maitri is a willingness to see what happens from one moment to the next and to let our experience be exactly as it is. Rather than trying to change what is, Maitri is dropping the struggle to be different from who and what we are.




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Terry Jaworski, M.A., LMHC       (206) 524-5101

Jay Jaworski, M.A           (206) 551-2593



Curious About How Your Mind Works?

It is human to believe most everything that pops into one’s mind. Whatever thought or feeling arises defines us in that moment. This seductive habit of identifying ourselves with the contents of mind causes much of our suffering.

People don’t come in to the world with an instruction manual for how to operate one’s mind. Learning to work with feelings can be confusing and overwhelming. It may seem like the wisest course is to act as though one had no feelings at all. But this only acts as a short term solution. So what do you do when you’re hit by an emotional storm?

Mindfulness based Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (MBCBT) helps us to learn to deal with thoughts and feelings we find uncomfortable or painful. It  provides a means to cultivate awareness of the present moment.


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